Oil Introduction: Elemi

May 13th 2021

This week's oil of the week is Elemi! 

I'm sure this oil is new to a lot of people, so we'll begin at the beginning. 

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Elemi, or Canarium Iuzonicum, is a large evergreen tree that also produces edible seeds and nuts, as well as a useful cooking oil made from its seeds. It's also possible to eat the young shoots produced by its seeds. 

The Elemi essential oil, however, comes from it's resin- Ours is steam-distilled and is made in France. Elemi is a resinous oil (think Frankincense, Myrrh, and Balsam). Resin is a sticky substance that is produced to protect a tree when it was been cut or wounded. The resin acts as a sort of bandage to protect the tree from harmful insects, parasites, or germs and bacteria.


 Resins have been used for centuries in traditions. Elemi specifically has been used for things such as mummification, soap-making, incense, and even things like varnish and preservation. 


Elemi essential oil is considered to be antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-rheumatic, as well as antispasmodic. This means this oil could be helpful for ailments spanning from muscle pain and rheumatism to a topical ointment for burns and sores. It can also be used to help alleviate coughs... try diffusing it or making an ointment for the chest. 


If you're looking for a balancing, grounding oil, this is it. Elemi can be useful for aiding meditation, and you may find its tangy-sweet aroma calming.