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Essential Oil Snobiness

Essential Oil Snobiness

Posted by Katie on Feb 14th 2018

Y’all. Let’s talk about essential oils. Mine, theirs, yours. The questions have been coming fast and hard this week, and it’s ok, I welcome it. But, shew.

1.  There are four oil brands that I will use on my family. FOUR. One of them is mine, iVIVA essential oils. Because #oilsdonthavetobreakthebank

1. iVIVA

2. _________________

3. _________________

4. _________________

Why? Because my oils are sourced from some of the same growers and distillers. Yes. You read that right. When you invest THIS MUCH MONEY into a business – you find out all the ins and outs of importing. I’m going to repeat, the SAME growers and importers (with a small margin of exception, because I have a few smaller farmer sources I adore, as I’m sure the other companies do as well).

2. You are not paying for a huge company, upline, or representatives. You are NOT paying for lower quality or grade of essential oil. You are paying for ONE woman to import, create her labels, label (sometimes crookedly, it’s a work in process), and hand-blend each batch of oils. That’s it. 

3. Oil Consumption/Ingestion. 99% of my essential oils come in as food grade. However, since I blend essential oils in a non-dhec commercial kitchen (my workshop!), they leave my studio as a non-food grade. See how easy it goes from food grade to non-food grade?

4. Essential oil company hate needs to stop. I am not better than ANYONE else for the type of essential oils I sell and use. YOU are not better than anyone else because of the oils you use or sell. If the bottom line is health for our family, I think being able to talk about essential oils rationally is critical.

5. Essential oils don’t solve your crazypants issues. Seriously. Essential oils can drastically improve and change your life, make your home smell better, help- indeed, help. BUT they are not a substitute for a medical professional; they are not a substitute for common sense, and for the love of lavender oil – research research research (NOT marketing materials, actual textbooks) on essential oil usage. And if someone, other than a licensed medical professional who does not know your health/medical/medication history, is suggesting you to ingest essential oils – BE WARNED. JUST.BE.WARNED.

6. Free shipping on iVIVA essential oils. Love you!  

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