Aromatherapy for anosmia healing

Feb 12th 2021

First and foremost we want to mention that we are NOT medical professionals, nor are we recommending that this is the therapy that you should use. We are simply conveying information from articles that we have read, and the therapy that we used personally that worked for us. We always recommend that you consult your medical professional. ***

Introducing our "Smell Training Kit"!

Curious? We were to when we had some requests from customers to create a "smell training" kit. 

Here's Emily to give her own experience with it!

untitled-3-05.png(Emily here- let me reiterate that I am not a medical professional and I do not diagnose or treat this issue. I am simply conveying my personal experience with "smell training".)

The loss of smell, also known as "anosmia" happens for various reason, but I want to let you in on a little trick that has been circling the essential oil world that I believe helped me heal when I lost my taste and smell earlier this year. I regained my taste and smell right at the 3 week mark. This felt like forever to me, but after doing some research it looked like many people I was reading about had not regained their olfactory sense until around the 7 week mark, with some people beginning to only see a slight improvement at around 4 weeks. in fact, my husband and I have friends who actually had to wait months for their sense of smell to return fully. 

I did NOT want to wait that long if at all possible, so when I was texting with a friend a couple days into my loss of smell and they sent me a link to an article claiming that inhaling essential oils might help bring back my senses (this article), of course I was willing to try it! So- I chose a few oils that were close to the ones mentioned in the article and began that day. 

The articles I read mentioned using flowery, fruity, spicy, and resinous scents, so I chose ones I had, and added a couple-

Frankincense (resinous), Lavender (flowery), tangerine (fruity), eucalyptus (resinous), clove (spicy), and Cassia (spicy). 

I won't go into all of the science, but the general idea is that you inhale the scent of each oil for about 10 seconds, twice each day (I kept the bottles by my chair and smelled each, one at a time, several times a day but never less than twice each day), and each scent is meant to sort of "remind" your brain and olfactory nerves how to smell again. 

To quote one of the articles I read- “Not only is smell training helping the olfactory receptor cells, it also is helping to create pathways in the brain that will be better able to receive, interpret and remember the information that it is getting,”

Obviously I couldn't smell them at all when I began, but I realized as the weeks went on that I began to notice some slight differences that gave me hope that my sense of smell began working its way back. As I mentioned above, my smell was completely back right around 3 weeks, and I was so grateful!

iViva is so excited to offer you this kit.

- Emily