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SALÉE   No 21

Ambrette Seed - Sea Salt - Sage

Inspired by the rugged cliffs and sea spray of the coastal line, this fragrance evokes the feeling of escapism and freedom. The top notes of sea salt and spray transport you to the shoreline, where the mineral scent of the cliffs mingles with the earthy undertones of sage. As the scent unfolds, the woody aroma of driftwood adds a touch of natural sophistication, evoking memories of walking along the beach, feeling the freedom of the sea air and the loamy essence of the cliffs.  


Katilizz & Co perfumes were created within the iVIVA line to provide a phthalate free perfume option for my daughters. Each perfume batch is crafted and macerated (cured) for 4 weeks and then bottled. Batches will have 12 bottles or less, and are tracked and marked on each bottle.