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ISLE  No 27

Bergamot - Ylang Ylang - Coconut Milk

Experience the ultimate summer vibe with our beachy perfume! Imagine salty ocean air, golden tans and the memories of endless summer days. Just one spritz and you'll be transported to the beach with the scents of heliotrope, bergamot, coconut milk, musk, pink pepper, and ylang-ylang. This refreshing and warm fragrance will remind you of sunscreen and footprints in the sand. 


Katilizz & Co perfumes were created within the iVIVA line to provide a phthalate free perfume option for my daughters. Each perfume batch is crafted and macerated (cured) for 4 weeks and then bottled. Batches will have 12 bottles or less, and are tracked and marked on each bottle.