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BESOT  No 11

Nutmeg - Rum - Cedar

Boozy and indulgent Besot is a luxurious fragrance. The warmth of the Caribbean is blended with a sensual, rich patchouli and elevated with dried fruits and nutmeg. It's alluring and tempting, exuding a sense of wildness without being overpowering. A robust, refined cedar-dominant scent, complemented by matured rum and coffee. With a touch of patchouli, providing a grounding earthy aroma.


Katilizz & Co perfumes were created within the iVIVA line to provide a phthalate free perfume option for my daughters. Each perfume batch is crafted and macerated (cured) for 4 weeks and then bottled. Batches will have 12 bottles or less, and are tracked and marked on each bottle.