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Baccara Roller

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Expected release date is Oct 10th 2023

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Step into a world of dark enchantment with Baccara, a perfume that captures the essence of a gothic, emo, and mysteriously elegant aura. This fragrance is a masterpiece that marries the timeless elegance of grandma rose with contemporary saffron and amber notes, creating an olfactory experience that morphs and evolves with the unique chemistry of each wearer. As the saffron begins to settle, the heart of the fragrance reveals the opulent and darkly romantic essence of grandma rose. This is no ordinary rose; it carries a sense of melancholy, depth, and a touch of faded elegance, like a treasured keepsake from a bygone era. 10 mL roller.

Made with 100% organic jojoba oil, fragrance, iVIVA rose essential oil.