Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgarian)

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Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgarian)

Bulgarian lavender has a mellow, fruity, more floral aroma than the herbaceous Spanish Lavender. Bulgarian lavender is known to lessen menstrual cramps, be more effective than Spanish for emotional stress and headaches. 

Lavender has been used for ages to help with nervous tension and energy. Diffuse the air in your bedroom to calm down and to settle in for a great sleep! 

  • Nervous Tension
  • Sleep
  • Pain Relief
  • Headaches
  • Hair/Skin Care (try our Lavender Soap!)
  • Sunburn
  • Bug Bites


Pure 100% lavender essential oil (NOT spike or lavadin!) .5 oz (15mL).

iVIVA’s lavender oil is sourced from several ethical growers in Bulgaria then hand-blended. We only sell & hand-blend the finest quality, pure, & undiluted essential oils available. Essential oils should never be taken internally, without first consulting a health care professional. An instruction card will be included with your order for ideas on how to use this essential oil.