Travel Soap

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Pop-up soap! Perfect for airline travel, overnight trips, gym bags, camping, away weekends, and for WORK. The soap pops up and slides easily up/down in the plastic casing. Avoid harsh chemicals in work/job soap - and pop this soap in your pocket for a healthy alternative!

What makes iVIVA soap special?

- Vegan
- Himalayan salt brine (solé) smoothly infused into the cold-process recipe, resulting in 84+ minerals = a detox soap
- Pure iVIVA essential oil

My pop-up soaps are made with all natural ingredients and is 100% vegan. Handcrafted with care in Taylors, SC. Weight size is approx. 1 oz. 

I only make and sell body products, that our families and we use. I am proud to offer you the best quality, at an affordable price. I started making my cold process soap after researching the benefits of Himalayan salt. Pink salt is added as a brine, and has fantastic skin benefits (84 minerals are just in the salt alone!) The lather is delightful, and it is one of the only soaps my kids can use with their eczema flare-ups and allergy issues. Thank you for bringing healthy soap into your home!