Salt Block 8x8x2

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Grilling • Plating • Cutting Board

**Not eligible for Free Shipping. Order by noon Friday and pick up Saturday at Travelers Rest Farmers Market!**

 This 8x8x2 square salt block is perfect for 2-3 people! Some of our customers use this size block for:

  • Grilling
  • Plating (sushi or charcuterie) - place in refrigerator to chill
  • Cutting board (flavors vegetables/fruit)
  • Aging meats, salt curing
  • Salt cave flooring

Video shows me grilling on an 8x8x2 sized plate: - Youtube is an excellent reference tool for care, recipes, and how to use your grill block.

This salt block can fit four small chicken thighs, four kabob skewers, 2 smaller slabs of salmon, or your favorite fresh veggie mix! If this block is used on the grill, it needs to stay dedicated to the grill and not be used as a crossover product (cutting board, etc.). After using the block, let cool - then scrape off food residue, and rub a lime/lemon on it. Do not put in dishwasher or attempt to wash with water. Store salt block in dry, humid-free location. 

Each block is unique with different colors & edging. There will be some fissuring/cracks in all blocks. This is normal and part of the natural salt look.