Cardamom and Mimosa

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Weekend Brunch Soap! A lusciously fragrant Mimosa and Cardamom by Jo Malone type perfume soap + 100% pure cardamom essential oil + Himalayan Salt Solé smoothly infused.

The cozy aroma of cardamom and gold mimosas blend together for this spicy warm, and intriguing aroma. I infuse liquid Himalayan Salt to ensure an extra bubbly lather. We literally bath, shower, wash our faces, shave with this soap. One multi-purpose bar!

This large bar of soap is a unique blend of (phthalate-free) perfume fragrance and pure iVIVA fragrance oils. Reminiscent of the perfume, yet with an earthy and bright essential oil update. Old meets 2021! This Cardamom & Mimosa type version does lean towards the feminine side.

Handmade with kindness in Taylors, SC. Weight size will range from 5.5-7 oz. Each batch of Cardamom & Mimosa soap I make is unique in color, swirls, and design - no two slices will be alike! This soap makes a delightful hostess gift or a hard-to-shop-for acquaintance.

What sets iVIVA perfume & essential oil handcrafted soaps apart from the rest?
1. This soap contains phthalate-free fragrance oil AND pure essential oils.
2. Soaps are infused with a brine made out of Himalayan salt. This smooth infusion ensures luxurious bubbles and 84 minerals from this healthy pink salt.

I only make and sell body products, that our families and we use. I am proud to offer you the best quality, at an affordable price. I started making my cold process soap after researching the benefits of Himalayan salt. Pink salt is added as a brine and has fantastic skin benefits (84 minerals in the salt alone!) The lather is delightful, especially when used with a loofah! Because this soap has fragrance oil and not just essential oils, separate containers and molds are used versus my essential oil line soap.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, palm (sustainably sourced), coconut, castor, filtered water, Himalayan salt brine, fragrance oil, iVIVA cardamom and orange essential oils, mica