Beginner's Essential Oil Kit

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Every home should have these SIX pure essential oils as your starter essential oil kit. Also, BONUS you save $10 with this set, and has FREE SHIPPING! This makes a great housewarming, dorm room, teacher, or wedding gift! Or a beginner's essential oil kit starter set!

Bandit's Blend (15 mL) - this high-quality blend is our family's most used and favorite. Diffuse • Make Homemade Cleaners & Toothpaste • Dilute with carrier oil and use topically.

Eucalyptus (15 mL) - love to mix this with a carrier oil and place on the bottoms of feet during the cold season (then add socks!) - just like Grandma used to do with the menthol goop!

Lavender (15 mL) - make a lovely pillow spray with this relaxing Spanish lavender. Diffuse in the bedroom for a good night's sleep!

Lemongrass (15 mL) - bug spray • diffuse for anxiety

Peppermint (15 mL) - curb appetite through diffusion • place on a balled-up tissue and have students sniff during tests.

Tea Tree (15 mL) - add ten drops to 8 oz. of shampoo to repel head lice (ew!) • diffuse during cold & flu season • great for sinus congestion

These are just a few ideas to implement this set in your home or office - have fun learning about these oils and adjusting to your needs!

Your iVIVA Essential Starter Set includes one each of the above essential oils AND a helpful product usage card for each of the 6 oils.

During allergy & pollen season - we diffused five drops each of the following:
Peppermint • Tea Tree • Eucalyptus • Lavender

If the flu or cold season is around - Bandit's Blend all the way!

Please let me know if you have any questions on this starter set - I cannot wait for you to bring it into your home so you can help your family, naturally!