Rosemary Essential Oil

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Herbaceous, bold aroma!

Hair Care • Bad Breath • Mouth Wash • Concentration

100% pure Rosemary essential oil. This oil is one of the ingredients  used in our Bandit's Blend essential oil. 

Rosemary oil has been said to help with hair growth, slow down the graying process, and stop dandruff.

Rosemary essential oil is wonderful to diffuse to improve your memory, concentration & mental retention. If you are unable to diffuse, place a few drops on a cotton ball up your shirt sleeve, and bring to your nose to sniff (Great idea for schools).

Hand-blended with 100% pure essential oils (this is NOT a dilution) - .5 oz (15mL) - instruction card included with each purchase. This oil can be diffused, and applied externally (use a carrier oil).

iVIVA’s Rosemary essential oil is sourced from an ethical grower in Spain. We only sell & hand-blend the finest quality, pure, & undiluted essential oils available. Essential oils should never be taken internally, without first consulting a health care professional. An instruction card will be included with your order for ideas on how to use this essential oil.