Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

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Himalayan Salt Massage Ball

This is for 1 (one) Himalayan Salt massage ball (or heart!). This salt ball can be warmed up or chilled! Warm the ball up in the microwave (30 seconds at a time), and use to massage stressed and tired muscles. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the salt ball, and it will not melt. However, do NOT wash or clean with water as this will break down the ball. For bruises and abrasions, use a chilled (freezer!) salt ball.

One of our customer's warms up 2 balls, and uses it to relieve arthritic pain by just holding them. Another has said warming them up and rolling under their feet was relaxing and helpful for soreness. We recently had one customer say it helped with their plantar fasciitis 

I love to warm this salt ball up, add a drop of lavender oil, then I roll the ball up and down my arms and shoulders to help work out knots. Especially lovely after yoga or exercising. If I have stomach discomfort - I warm up a few of the balls and place peppermint oil on them. I sleep on my side, and place the balls up against my stomach (like a natural heating pad). Very soothing, comforting, and as always - NATURAL!

Also great to combine an essential oil and a ball for a gift for a stressed out mom, co-worker, boss, or teacher. Heaven knows our teachers love these!


*Please note* Every salt ball & heart is different in color, and none are perfectly smooth. As this is earth's natural product, there will be natural fissures, and different colors/threads of pink due to the natural mineral content. This is salt, enjoy! 

Balls: roll over muscles.

Hearts: have pressure points for massaging, they do not roll.