Bandit's Blend Essential Oil

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Bandit's Blend Essential Oil

Congestion • Colds • Airborne Germs • Mold • Homemade Cleaners

Hand-blended with 100% pure essential oils (this is NOT a dilution) - .5 oz (15mL) - "recipe" card included with each purchase.

*Our version of Thieves*

15th century legends share the tale of robbers who made an oil blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. They rubbed this mixture onto themselves before robbing the dead and those dying of the Bubonic Plague. Eventually they were caught, and the magistrate offered them a reduced sentence in exchange for this powerful recipe that had kept them healthy. In 1997, Webster State University did a study that found the oil blend had a 96% success rate at killing airborne bacteria!

Possible Bandit’s Blend Uses:
Cuts & Scrapes
Colds & Congestion
Cleaning Sprays
Diffuse for Airborne Germs/Mold
Cold Sores
Bee Stings
Plant Insect Repellent
Sore Joints
Mood Therapy

My essential oils are sourced from ethical producers around the world, and I only sell & blend the finest quality available. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Note: 'Thieves' is a registered trademark of Young Living Products. This product is not owned by or associated with Young Living or any of it's affiliated companies. This product is in no way intended to confuse and / or represent itself as 'Thieves' the popular product by Young Living and it's affiliated companies. Instead this Bandit's Blend is our version of the popular 'Thieves Essential Oil Blend'